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Best Online Guitar Lesson Reviews

Learning to play guitar requires a lot of practice, especially when you want to advance with the guitar strings and techniques. Fortunately, the emergence of online guitar lessons has made it more accessible. There are many options to promise successful learning to be a great guitarist, but it might disappoint you later after joining one. To prevent you from going through such experience, prepare to get more information about the two best reliable and specific online guitar courses review below.

They are JamPlay and Guitar Tricks. Both online guitar lessons can teach you everything from the guitar cards reading to advanced strings and techniques at an affordable price. This way, you can save some cash to buy guitar accessories while starting to learn in the early stages. Remember that¬†every beginner should understand how to write and read the guitar tabs and notation because it is fundamental to grow as a guitarist and musician. Now, let’s go to review both sites to give you the ideas of what both guitar courses offer.

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JamPlay offers an extensive collection of free guitar lessons that can help you start your guitar analysis exercise and give you first-hand information about authentic guitar lessons. Courses are available for all level learners from beginner, intermediate and advanced skills. The later can even learn with HD fast video streaming in three different resolutions. In terms of guitar tabs reading, they offer notations to advanced techniques ranging from percussion drills, tapping, hammer-ons, and many other fascinating methods. There will be 35 tutors who have experience in a wide range of styles and genres, ready to teach you. Also, you can ask questions and concerns in an active support forum with your tutor.

guitar lessonJoining a course with JamPlay would give you many other benefits. There will be a free guitar lesson, including learning to play popular songs. More importantly, you can access all classes and databases from the 35 tutors, which is exceptional for all skill levels. However, those lessons are not downloadable, meaning that you need high-speed broadband to practice with all the lessons. With all the advantages, you have to pay the monthly JamPlay subscription for $19.95, and it includes seven days money-back guarantee. 

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks has aired around since 1998, making it the oldest online guitar lesson. The longer time the site has passed somehow has proven its reliability and usefulness to everyone who wants to learn how to play guitar. It can also be seen from their service, which provides more than 45 guitar experts ready to tutor how to play different genres and styles in many skill levels. The site also presents their guitar lessons in a comfortable, complete, and organized learning in the form of video streaming. If you are not sure yet and want to test the services, try their free version. It has 24 free guitar lessons and 12 expert tutors as their basic membership. For the full version subscription, you have to pay $14.95 per month with 60 days unconditional money-back warranty.Read the rest

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